Working with manufacturers

I thought we had to be independent?

Yes, we do.

However, unlike a lactation consultant or a doula, we must use something to hold the baby on the body of the parent or guardian. We cannot ignore baby carrying product and will be creating a process for joint efforts between manufacturers and PPCP Group educators. We have to take product liability to take into account, but we also need flexibility in how we use the product to best accommodate our client’s needs, and as educators our priority is always the parent.

A separate committee to facilitate input and consultation would be created once the curriculum is established. It would be a point for sharing research, provide opportunities for product testing and so on. Manufacturers would also be able through this process to identify where they would give input on their needs to determine how to bridge the gap between the two (liability and educator flexibility). This may vary by country.

Manufacturers would not be allowed a voting position on the board of directors.


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