Mission Statement PPCP Group

Baby carrying is important. It is one of the oldest tools used by parents to care for their children as they maintain the normalcy of their lives post-partum. It allows parents to feel the strength in their own bodies, to allow the love and connection they have with this new being to flourish, and to get to know their babies from birth. Carrying also allows parents to feel empowered and to remain better attached to their communities of support.

The Post-Partum and Carrying Professionals (PPCP) Group’s goal is to enable mothers, fathers, and guardians to rejoin their communities through the act of carrying as soon as possible, while supported by experts in this field.

PPCP Group respects carrying traditions worldwide. An expert in these traditions is one who has grown up with these as part of their daily lives, and can speak with authority, regardless of whether they have formal schooling in a carrying program. Studying carrying traditions includes looking at how it evolved in its natural environment in response to the tools, pressures, and physiology to create greater understanding of regional differences in baby carrying. The dynamism of a living carrying culture is an important tenet of the PPCP Group because PPCP Group understands that it’s the ingenuity of using items in our environment that will keep us flexible and innovative.

PPCP Group certified carrying consultants will be able to offer high level technical support to ensure no parent or child is left behind.