MariLaura Sjalig, Norway

Location: Oslo, Norway

Business: Bærtreff

Languages: Norwegian, Swedish, Danish, English, and French

MariLaura started her personal carrying journey with the birth of her eldest in 1996. However, MariLaura’s carrying journey didn’t start there. Norway is an active, outdoorsy culture where many families take long trips either cross-country skiing or enjoy long hikes. Carrying has always been a part of her life, whether through the use of frame backpack carriers, pieces of fabric that derive from her culture’s traditional costumes, shawls and, of course including a wide variety of structured carriers. Her carrying experience includes Snugli, the first Baby Bjørn, and other structured carriers that she used widely with her sister’s children.

MariLaura has also been quite active in the Scandianvian baby carrying scene since 2006, with the establishment of the forum. Her friends told her about it and, like many of us, she had accumulated several woven and stretchy wraps before her son was born. TettIntil was created as a place for Scandinavians to connect with others interested in a natural parenting style and MariLaura was one of it’s leaders. She was a member of the planning group for the conference organized through which took place both in Oslo and Bergen.

She also has a personal interest in special needs carrying. At 14 years of age, MariLaura was badly injured and spent her entire year in a hip cast. Later, she was diagnosed with hypermobility syndrome and has been in a wheelchair and on crutches at several points in her life. Including hip and lower back problems since the birth of her eldest. It is why a good carrying solution was important to her. When expecting her youngest, she needed good solid carrying solution because she knew she would be relying on crutches right after birth. At this point she augmented her collection with stretchy wraps, Didymos wraps, ring slings, and mei tais (meh dais). Outside the field of baby carrying, MariLaura works with the X Games in Norway, which also gives her a solid understanding of body dynamics.

MariLaura has always had an interest in travelling and learning about family and cultures since a young child, with a special emphasis on crafts and sewing. She feels this knowledge of sewing and design enables her to understand carrier construction, allowing her to best determine which carriers work for those who are mobility impaired. This also translates to an endless curiosity in product development to best help parents. MariLaura’s has made it her mission to help parents of multiples, parents with disabilities, and babies with disabilities. Her additional qualifications includes training as a lactation supporter and baby carrying technique.

We welcome MariLaura. She will be contributing to the creation of the carrying curriculum and is chairing several of the modules.

Baby carrying experience:

  • 1996: Babywearing with first child.
  • 2006: TettIntil Training, Peau à Peau training
  • 2008 – 2013: Established weekly baby carrying meetings with Astrid Hegesen
  • 2010: Attended International Babywearing Conference, Idaho, USA
  • 2012-2014: Baby carrier instructor for staff at Bæreglede
  • 2012:
    • International Babywearing Conference Washington DC, USA.
    • Provided various courses in Norway, including with FamLab
  • 2013: Started baby carrying group with rentals. Member of the planning group for Norwegian Conference through in Oslo & Norway
  • Took lactation consultant training.