Why create an international certification?

Why create an international certification?

Definitions of baby carrying instruction differ very widely among school to school and from region to region. There are 61 schools worldwide and each has its own sense of what should be taught to a baby carrying consultant. This makes it very difficult to be seen as a profession.

Professionals in their fields are valued because they follow a training that is:

  • Consistent.
  • Evidence-based.
  • Based on the latest science and techniques.
  • Requires the same amount of training and experience hours.
  • Provides the same skill sets to all graduates.
  • Globally recognized.

To professionalize means that we can consistently apply evidence-based, predictable and effective protocols to help parents no matter their carrying needs. A consistent training requirement means that our graduates can start to receive the recognition and trust they require to access parents and children with higher needs in the medical system. This level of training is useful no matter whether you work in a volunteer capacity in your community or with more complex cases in the medical system.

It also makes it easier to get a job in centres that support parents and babies post-partum, coordinate with a medical team, and to work with manufacturers in product development and testing.


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