What you need to apply

What you need to apply

Each country is unique and has it’s own culture. Some are unilingual. Some are multicultural containing more than one official language and may contain various cultures defined by specific reasons.

No matter the case, we strongly recommend that your application:

  • Consists of a joint effort, one that is a partnership of more than one school in their country. Alternately, an association would meet this requirement.
  • If your country has more than one official language, the application team must either speak at least two languages in their country, or preferably, includes members who can communicate in their official languages.
  • Proves that someone on your team has a working knowledge of English. This individual must be in the baby carrying community.
  • Includes and understanding of professionalism in your own country. Each has it’s own set of rules, peer support networks, health care system and public health system.
  • Shows that you understand the liability for your country, and what forms and waivers should be completed by clients when working with consultants.

As consultants, we have to be seen as trustworthy. Transparency is important and we cannot favour any carrier brand over another. Applicants must be one of the following:

  • School leaders.
  • Board member’s of a country’s baby carrying association.
  • In the process of forming a school or carrying association.
  • Traditional carrying experts.
  • Other specialties like lactation, infant care, research, post-partum or perinatal support.

All applicants must fully disclose their conflicts of interest, including:

  • If they are distributors: Must list the brands and models you distribute.
  • If they are retailers: Fully listing all brands and models you sell.
  • If you regularly receive free baby carrying products as samples or that you resell to your students.
  • If they are manufacturers: Submitting a complete list all models you make and where they are sold.

Once an applicant is chosen, a full profile will be published for review by the carrying community. If any disclosures are discovered during this process that were not previously made, your application will not be considered.

The conflict of interest statement will be used to determine if you should be involved in all parts of the process, or just some. This will be judged on a case by case basis.

There are manufacturers who have developed networks with hospitals and other scientific institutions using a set of hypothesis, scientific research, and other elements to create their own protocols and products to solve various carrying dilemmas. These are typically proprietary and by allowing one brand representative greater access to the establishment of this certification, we create bias and reduce our professionalism. We want to ensure that all brands can trust our curriculum without fear that it has been structured to give preference to one carrier style or brand philosophy through the science or techniques that are chosen.

The focus has to be 100% educator needs and educator focused in the creation of the certification.



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