Baby carrying curriculum contain the following units:

  1. Mei tais.
  2. Podeagis.
  3. Wraps: woven wraps of all lengths and information about stretchy wraps.
  4. Structured and buckle carriers: This includes front packs, SSCs, and half-buckle carrier styles.
  5. Ring slings.
  6. Torso carrying.
  7. Other traditional carrying methods.

There is an emphasis on proper positioning for both parent and child, good support for both the mother and the child, and connection with the infant. Proper baby carrying technique does not solely rely on “M” positioning. Traditional methods, such as torso carrying, do not use it at all and yet are safe and reliable ways to carry a baby. The PPCP Group’s focus is for expertise in all carrying, not just one.

The PPCP Group curriculum also includes the following:

  1. Anatomy: Includes normal adult physiology, normal infant physiology, and hip dysplasia.
  2. Breastfeeding support: Essential elements to identify common breastfeeding issues. This would enable PPCP Group consultants to identify a good latch, provide simple breastfeeding solutions like positioning the nipple to the baby’s mouth, and information on how to properly nurse in a baby carrier.
  3. Post-partum support: Common issue that impact parents post-partum; how a country’s culture, policies, and environment affect parents.
  4. Paperwork and business advice: What forms should you use when consulting with parents.
  5. Website and social media component.

Participation in online study groups is mandatory. Self-study includes reading and online discussions.

PPCP Group respects babywearing traditions worldwide. An expert in these traditions is one who has grown up with these as part of their daily lives, and can speak with authority, regardless of whether they have formal schooling in a carrying program. Studying carrying traditions includes looking at how it evolved in its natural environment in response to the tools, pressures, and physiology to create greater understanding of regional differences in baby carrying. The dynamism of living babywearing culture is an important tenet of the PPCP Group because PPCP Group understands that it’s the ingenuity of using items in our environment that will keep us flexible and innovative.

All graduates will have successfully met the minimum requirements and passed the PPCP Group test.


The PPCP Group is embarking on carrying research to create standard protocols to work with vulnerable populations. Read more information here.