Session: Carrying research, you can do it too!

By | September 22, 2018

Carrying research, you can do it too!

By Veerle de Winter

There is a need for more research, and not only that but diverse research within the carrying community. As consultants, we have two choices: We can wait and hope that academics and researchers create these studies, or we can step up and do some of it ourselves. Though there are rules and procedures that we need to follow for the research or study to be solid, that doesn’t mean only qualified researchers can do it. Science thrives on diversity of opinion and inquiry, and investigations should be done by many people, using different scenarios. That is the only way theories can be proven, refined, or dismissed. In this session, Veerle will explore the different types of studies that exist, what they can and can’t teach us, where we as practitioners can add value, and how we can build knowledge ourselves. From there, she will outline how you can create a few studies, using several examples of parent experiences that we encounter in our field.  We will draft an example, and talk about how you, as a consultant, could start your own study. This discussion includes steps you should follow, and the connections you must make to move forward. To finish, Veerle will discuss how to publish your results.

Veerle is a researcher and has worked at the Centre for Experiential Education at the University of Leuven. She teaches carrying though her local consultancy Rickiki.

Session will take place Friday November 2, 2018 at the conference in Barcelona at the Diagonal Gates Hotel.


Veerle started her journey in baby carrying with the birth of her first child in 2015. Since then, she became mother to twins and quickly learned how to carry multiple babies, and has significant experience with tandem carrying. She attended her first carrying seminars at the 2015 Flemish Babywearing Conference, and since then has trained with Instituut voor Hechting Opleiding Draagconsulent.

Veerle is a researcher and has worked at the Centre for Experiential Education at the University of Leuven. Her main focus is STEM-education, and understanding the mental processes of children while they are learning about and exploring the physical world. She has helped to develop learning modules and teaching instruments. This includes their evaluation with qualitative and quantitative methods.

Veerle is a founding member of the Post-partum and Carrying Professionals Group and is working on the research committee.

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To read more about her accomplishments, I invite you to read this page.