Session: Wrapping for all

By | September 18, 2018

Wrapping for All – More Than You Imagined

By Gillian O’Neill

Wraps are by far the most intimidating of carriers for parents to consider. They are shapeless, they feel like they go on forever and can be used a million ways. How does a sleep deprived parent even begin? When click and go seems so much easier? And the cost!! When some sell for as much as a mortgage payment, we can understand why parents may shy away. As a consultant, part of your work is to demystify wrapping for parents. Gillian will focus on the versatility of wraps and how easy it can be. Moreover, how it is important as a consultant how wrapping can be accessible at all income levels. Proving that you don’t need a high end wrap or to spend ages in class getting a degree in carrying to get the most out of wraping as a parent. I want to remove the snob value from wrapping. I want to help other consultants to teach parents in a clear, concise way that makes it less intimidating, increases its approachability because there is nothing better than a good, cotton wrap and as consultants, its part of our job to show parents wrapping is easy, affordable and possible. Gillian will discuss stretchy wraps, woven wraps, and touch on traditional shawl carrying techniques. She is knowledgeable on using the shawl to show both Irish and Welsh traditional carrying.

Gillian’s grandmother was once asked to leave a store for carrying her child in a shawl using the traditional carrying techniques in Ireland. She is a multigenerational babywearer and the owner of MummyHub.

Session will take place Saturday November 3, 2018 at the conference in Barcelona at the Diagonal Gates Hotel.


Gillian is an intergenerational babywearer from Ireland. Her parents carried their children, and there was never any question that she would carry her children when she became a mother herself. However, she quickly noticed as a mum that carrying wasn’t easy for many, it wasn’t normal or even an option most parents could even consider for themselves. This started her on her journey of post-partum support.


Since the birth of her boy in 2015, Gillian:

  • Has taken training courses in carrying with schools such as Slingababy and Trageschule Dresden
  • Become a DONA trained doula and works with Doulacare Ireland
  • Works as a breastfeeding supporter and group coordinator with Friends of Breastfeeding Ireland
  • Has experience in traditional carrying techniques of Ireland and Wales.

In the course of her work, she counsels parents directly, manages a sling library, works as a post-partum doula.

Gillian is a founding member of the Post-partum and Carrying Professionals Group and is working on the carrying and post-partum committees.

Please visit her website at, Facebook, or Instagram account.

To read more about her accomplishments, I invite you to read this page.