Session: Buckle up and carry on

By | September 18, 2018

Buckle up and carry on

By MariLaura Sjalig

Buckle carriers are the most common baby carrier used throughout the world because they are easy, approachable, and as familiar to use as a ruck sack or pack sack. In baby carrying education, consultants place a high amount of focus on wraps. Wraps have a higher learning curve to be sure, but we as consultants should know and understand equally as much as about structured. To this, we need to be able to support parents in using them properly and knowing how to adjust them for all body types and situations. MariLaura will discuss the most common features of structured carriers, how to fit a buckle carrier to your client, examine differences in body shapes of men and women, and how to fit them for special needs clients with low or high tone. Many clients have already purchased a carrier before coming to see a consultant. A consultant’s first goal should be to work with the client’s purchase so that they leave your office with a solution in hand. To this end, MariLaura will also cover how to troubleshoot common issues parents face when trying to make their carrier work best for them. Finally, she will discuss how to help parents chose the best option.

MariLaura has been been carrying children for a very long time. Her personal carrying journey started with the birth of her own children in 1996. She has been active in the Norwegian baby carrying scene helping with the TettInti forums, and has her own consultancy and runs a sling loan program.

Session will take place Saturday November 3, 2018, at the conference in Barcelona at the Diagonal Gates Hotel.