Session: Babywearing 3C’s: Communication, Connection and Community

By | September 18, 2018

Babywearing 3C’s: Communication, Connection and Community

By Elisabete Muga

Babywearing is definitely about building a bond with your baby that you maintain throughout their lives. But it is so much more than carrying! It is equally about building bonds to your community through the ability to move more freely, get out of the house more easily and participate in events with friends and family. For a consultant to be successful, this aspect of community has to be an integral part of the work you do. Parents need to know who you are and have a safe place where they can participate in this period of their lives. Which means you have to also build your own community of followers by reflecting your ideals, values and visions in your business. In this session, Elisabete will discuss the importance of creating community by providing solid advice on how to engage with parents and connect with them. This is accomplished through building an audience through genuine engagement.

Session will take place Saturday November 3, 2018, at the conference in Barcelona at the Diagonal Gates Hotel.

Elisabete Muga is an industrial designer by training, having graduated with a degree from Universidade Lusíada in 2005. Portugal is a texile region of Europe, and is known for its lovely fabrics. Elisabete established Bô! Slings to be able to feature Portuguese textiles in the first Portuguese carrier made of locally woven fabrics.


The presenter

Elisabete Muga is the owner of Bô! Slings, a new baby carrier brand in Portugal. Launched only in January 2018, she has built a following on Facebook of almost 1 800 since then. Three years ago, Elisabete never imagined she would be here, with a sling brand. Elisabete herself came late to carrying. While pregnant with her third child, she broke her foot and it severely limited her mobility. After her child’s birth, she found she needed something like an extra hand so she could continue to take care of her two older children, in addition to the new baby. She wanted to do simple things like take the kids to school, and her search brought her to the world of baby carrying and the Babywearing Portugal group on Facebook. From there, she simply hasn’t looked back. Elisabete is

  • An industrial designer.
  • The former editor of Pano Meu Pano Meu, a very impactful carrying blog.
  • A graduate of the Centro Tecnológico Têxtile e Vestuário.
  • Managing partner at Futuro Magenta Design.
  • The owner of first Portuguese brand of carriers made of woven fabric, Bô! Slings.

Through her work with Pano Meu Pano Meu, Elisabete learned how important it is to touch people with her stories, stories where people laughed, where they cried and where they were able to be honest and silly. This is a core philosophy of hers, Elisabete believes very strongly in using humour and honest connection through her business.

Elisabete is very proud of the time she has donated into building the  Portuguese sling group, Carregadeiras Alfacinhas. In this, she and her companions try to encourage more social, informal, carrying focused meetings.

Please visit her website, or follow her Facebook page, or her Instagram account.