Session: Advanced application of wrap tying techniques in consultations

By | August 28, 2018

Advanced application of wrap tying techniques in consultations

by Elena Lòpez

When consultants take their training courses, they learn the basics of tying a wrap and how to teach these techniques to the families they see in their consultations. As consultants, we are also encouraged to play with our wraps, to try different wrapping methods and to experiment with exotic and fancy finishes. However, as a consultant are you able to identify which tying technique is suitable to recommend for the families you are working with? In this seminar, we will talk about the structure of knots, and how you integrate them into your wrapping techniques. From there, we will look at how to apply this knowledge on a case by case basis in your consultations to best achieve success. Including how to modify or create a knotting technique to best help the families who come to consult with you.

Session will take place Saturday November 3, 2018, at the conference in Barcelona at the Diagonal Gates Hotel.

Elena has co-authored a book with her colleague Valeria Calderon, who is the owner of Ayu Portabebes. The book is called Listo para Llevar and there are plans for an English translation. Elena has a babywearing guide available for free download called  Portea si miedo (Carry without fear).


Elena López is the owner of the school Monitos y Risas, a Spanish babywearing school. Elena started her carrying journey in 2008 shortly after the birth of her son Marcos. Like most parents, she loved the connection and convenience babywearing added to her life. As a result, she developed a passion for carrying and decided to train with Susanne Lenk from Llèvame Cerca.

From this point, Elena has accomplished much.

To date she:

  • Runs her school Monitos y Risas which started as a blog in 2009. There is now a branch in Mexico.
  • Co-owns the store Oh! La Luna.
  • Established and works with the Asesoras Continuum team, which specializes in maternity trainings and support.
  • Helped start Red Canguro, the Spanish babywearing association.
  • Travelled to give trainings in Mexico and Brasil.
  • Has created an online training program and her students have been in Argentina, Chile, Peru, Italy and more. She has trained over 400 consultants to date. A course she designed is also available on Bitácoras, an online training platform.

Elena is also a reflexologist and trained as an infant massage educator  with the International Association of Infant Massage (IAIM) in 2008.

Please visit her website at, Facebook, or Instagram account.

To read more about her accomplishments, I invite you to read this page.