Seminar list

By | August 25, 2018


We’re modernizing: The conference is now going to take place in two parts! We are still going to offer sessions in person at the lovely Diagonal Gates Hotel with keynote speakers Dr. Carlos Gonzalez and Dr. Evelin Kirkilionis, but now everything will be recorded!


Why? Because Barcelona isn’t accessible to everyone and it’s time to get with the times on how we access learning. Débora was a leader in Canada by being the first to broadcast her Babywearing in Canada conferences to the internet in 2015 and 2016, and we are bringing that thinking and way of working here to the PPCP Group Conference.

We have some exciting in person seminars happening at the Diagonal Gates Hotel. Please scroll down to read the agenda for the in person event below. If you want to attend, send us a message via our contact form which sends us an email, or via facebook. Limited spots are available. Conference starts at 10:00 and finishes at 18:00.

NEW: Exclusive online sessions will also be offered for sale over the next few months. This is what we have planned so far. Sign up for our newsletter or follow us on Facebook for more information.

FRIDAY November 2, 2018

Keynote: Dr. Carlos González (Spain)

Carrying research, you can do it too!
Presenter: Veerle de Winter (Belgium)

Beyond M – looking at social determinants of health
Presenter: Débora Rodrigues, President and Founder, PPCPGroup (Canada)

Irish Shawl Carrying traditions
Presenter: Gillian O’Neill

Buckle up and carry on
Presenter: MariLaura Sjalig (Norway)

Closed door session: Progress, baby carrying studies, and more.
Facilitators: Débora Rodrigues, President and Founder, PPCPGroup (Canada), MariLaura Sjalig (Norway), Veerle de Winter (Belgium), Gillian O’Neill (Republic of Ireland)

SATURDAY November 3, 2018

Keynote: Dr. Evelin Kirklionis (Germany)

African torso carrying practicuum: Yoruba traditions
Presenter: Adebisi Osundeko (Nigeria / United Kingdom), Débora Rodrigues (Canada)

Open panel discussion: Advancing professionalism in our field
Moderator: Débora Rodrigues

Babywearing 3C’s: communication, connection and community
Presenter: Elisabete Muga (Portugal)

Breastfeeding and carrying success
Presenter: Rosa Sorribas (Spain)

Closing remarks