Dr. Evelin Kirkilionis – Saturday November 3, 2018

By | July 21, 2018

Keynote speaker: November 3, 2018

Dr. Evelin Kirkilionis is a biologist and a human ethologist who has studied the basic needs of children for over 20 years. Dr. Kirkilionis studied biology at the universities of Kaiserslautern and Freiburg. At the University of Freiburg, she did a concentration in behavioral biology, with her doctoral thesis focusing on human ethology. In her thesis she worked out the concept of clinging young and its far-reaching consequence for the understanding of child-oriented care.

The main focus of her scientific interest is on early childhood development, particularly on the parent-child relationship in the first years of life. This includes discerning the child’s need in order to create better childcare experiences. The anatomical, physiological and behavioural observations of Dr. Kirkilionis explain distinct aspects of early childhood and prove that an infant is predisposed to be carried.

An important aspect of her work is to ensure scientific findings can be applied and made accessible to professionals and parents. To this end, she writes numerous books and articles, travels extensively to lectures and provides continuing education to a variety of professionals, including midwifes, psychologists, physicians, educators and teachers, peer support workers, family and parent association members, and carrying professionals in the babywearing community.

Dr. Kirkilionis also co-founded the independent Research Group of Human Ethology (FVM – Forschungsgruppe Verhaltensbiologie des Menschen) whose goal is to study human behaviour. Since 1990, Dr. Kirklionis has spent a significant amount of time in North Africa and regions of Central and Southeast Asia in her career. As of 2016, she is based out of Burgundy in France.

To learn more, check out her book  A baby wants to be carried.


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