Introducing our committee members

By | October 1, 2017

The PPCP Group’s first Open Meeting held September 14, 2017, in Cologne, Germany, was the very first opportunity for you to hear and learn about our founding members. We will be posting their profiles in full over the next little while and we are so very excited. Stay-tuned and keep checking into this post as it will be updated with our member profiles.

Our next member, Joanna Makowska, is from Poland. Joanna has a medical degree from the Warszawskiego Uniwersytet Medycznego (Medical University of Warsaw). Joanna is an employee of Lenny Lamb and has been carrying her children since 2000. She is the Chair of the Anatomy Committee. You will be able to meet Joanna in Zagreb at the Eastern European Babywearing Conference.

Karyn Hughes is from Canada. She has trained as a Registered Massage Therapist (RMT) and has been teaching at Algonquin College since 2006. Karyn owns three clinics in the Ottawa area, Kneaded Touch, and has training as post-partum support and lactation consultant through CAPPA. Karyn is currently working on attaining her International Board Certified Lactation Consultant course and is a Director for the Massage Therapist’s Association of Ontario (RMTAO). Karyn will be contributing to the Anatomy Committee, Post-partum Support and Lactation Committee.

Veerle de Winter from Beligum. Veerle is a researcher and has worked at the Centre for Experiential Education at the University of Leuven. She has a Masters in Educational Sciences. She is the Chair of our Science and Research Committee.

Andi Jonsson is from Canada. She is a multi-service doula and has extensive experience in carrying, not only her own children, but has been teaching baby carrying since 2007. Andi also has a baby carrying course for certified for training doulas that has been approved by DONA Internationa. Andi will be contributing to the carrying committee and the post-partum support committee.

Adebisi Osundeko is from the United Kingdom. Originally from Nigeria and a member of the Yoruba people, Adebisi will be advising us on traditional carrying from West Africa. Adebisi is the owner of Joy and Joe and you can visit her their gallery in St. Helen’s.

Swaantje Sauerbrey is from Germany. Trained as a nurse and teaching baby carrying since 2008. Swaantje is also recognized as an official ClauWii trainer. She will be contributing to the anatomy committee.

Gillian O’Neill from Ireland. Gillian’s family used carriers and she herself is a second generation babywearer. Gillian provides support year round through her business Mummy Hub or through Babywearing Ireland sling groups in her region.

Science and Research committee: Veerle de Winter (Chair), MariLaura Sjalig, Celine Ouellette, Joanna Makowska

Anatomy Committee: Joanna Makowska (Chair), Karyn Hughes, Swaantje Sauerbrey

Breastfeeding Committee: Gillian O’Neill, Karyn Hughes

Post-partum support committee: Gillian O’Neill, Karyn Hughes, Andi Jonsson, Celine Ouellette