The Post-Partum and Carrying Professionals (PPCP) Group is a new certification for carrying consultants.

Several partners are joining us to create this certification, from four continents. We are starting shortly. Would you also like to join us?

The goals of the PPCP Group are to:

  • Establish professionalism.
  • Use an evidence based curriculum.
  • Establish a training that respects the origins of carrying.
  • Create a consistent training program.
  • Support research and development.
  • Support educators that work at all levels.

To learn more about our initiative to establish an international standard, click on Going Global in the menu.

PPCP Group curriculum requirements include:

  • Technical babywearing techniques.
  • Anatomy.
  • Breastfeeding.
  • Post-partum support.
  • Minimum number of training hours.
  • Passing the PPCP Group test.

Want to join us in creating an international standard? Apply here.